Ten good reasons to choose BRANDT

Reason #1

Brandt has over 60 years of expertise in the household appliances sector.

Reason #2

Brandt is France's best-known brand of household appliances (1) 

and half of all French households own at least one Brandt appliance.

Reason #3

Brandt is a leading brand which understands consumers'

needs and makes their everyday life easier (1).

Reason #4

Brandt is a responsible brand with a social conscience and a 

long-standing environmental protection policy.


Reason #5

Brandt is a French brand, with several France-based

research and innovation centres.

Reason #6

Brandt is close to its customers,

with 2 production sites in France. 

Reason #7

Brandt offers wide and deep product

ranges to meet all needs.

Reason #8

Brandt innovation puts people at the heart of engineering.

We aim to make your life simpler with inventive products.

Plaque Gaz Brandt 10 bonnes raisons de choisir Brandt

Reason #9

Brandt develops high-performance products designed

to save you water and electricity.

Reason #10

Brandt is, quite simply, you...


(1)  Brand image and awareness rankings for large domestic appliances - IFOP - April 2011